The Solution?
An Overview

An original product designed from the ground up to save millions of dollars in health care expenses. Independent assessments of the prototype all conclude this proprietary health care delivery system is:

  • • Significantly advanced beyond current state-of-the-art health care delivery systems;

    • A giant leap in health benefits administration and data management;
  • • The first real-time, total-comp solution to establish compensabe measures between all employee related expenses;

    • Uniquely designed to reduce health care expenses with absolutely no corresponding reduction in the quantity or quality of health care services;

    • An original solution that phenomenally empowers employees to seize control of both the state of their health and the cost of their health care (it's cheaper!);
  • • An original solution that finally puts the design and administration of health benefits plans back under the control of employers - instead of profit seeking/revenue oriented health carriers (HMO, PPO, EPO, POS, indemnity, etc.).

Graphically, it looks like this.

  • The model will work! Oh, but their is a down side?