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Dental Expense Benefits are subject to the Co-ordination of Benefits provisions included in the Master Contract. "Co-ordination" means that if you or your covered dependents are entitled to benefits under any Plan (Plan defined below), which will pay part or all of the expense incurred for necessary, reasonable and customary charges for dental services and dental supplies for treatment of an illness or injury, the amount of Dental Expense Benefits payable by this Plan and any other Plans will not exceed 100% of such dental expenses incurred. In no event shall payment exceed the amount which would have been paid if there were no other Plan involved.

The term "Plan" includes the benefits covered under this COLORADO PREPAID DENTAL PROGRAM Plan and any other group plan providing benefits or services for or by reason of medical care or treatment under an insurance policy, any coverage required or provided under dental, hospital or medical service plans or other prepayment coverage, labor-management trusteed plans, union welfare plans, employer organization plans or employee benefit organization plans which are redelta_header.gif<xpy.GIFfMOSSuXњELTA_~1GIFpexclusions.html<xpyTEXTMOSSuXEEXCLUS~1HTMpimagesV xphJ y uXuZIMAGES psalary-daeop.gifxpy GIFfBlWdA鷖ASALARY~1GIFpsalary-dcta.gifLxpy GIFfBlWd朷SALARY~2GIFpsalary-text.gifLxp y GIFfBlWd첷SALARY~3GIFpspace-bar-1.gifLxpy GIFfBlWd()SPACE-~1GIFpspace-bar-2.gifLxpy GIFfBlWdķSPACE-~2GIFp telephone.gifLxpy GIFfBlWd`aTELEPH~1GIFptext-our-mission.gifpy GIFfBlWd3ҷ4TEXT-O~1GIFpWorking Benefitsxp y / @u,9WORKIN~1 pindex-retirement-text.gif y GIFfBlWdÕINDEX~23GIFpindex-salary-schedules.gif y GIFfBlWdXINDEX~24GIFpindex-s