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  1. Eye Examination: A complete initial vision analysis which includes an appropriate examination of visual functions, including the prescription of corrective eyewear where indicated.
  2. . Lenses: The Member Doctor will order the proper lenses necessary for your visual welfare. The doctor shall verify the accuracy of the finished lenses.
  3. . Frames: The Member Doctor will assist in the selection of frames, properly fit and adjust the frames, and provide subsequent adjustments to frames to maintain comfort and efficiency.
  4. . Contact lenses: Contact lenses together with necessary professional services will be provided, with prior authorization only under one of the following circumstances:
    1. ) Following cataract surgery
    2. ) To correct extreme visual acuity problems that cannot be corrected with spectacle lenses
    3. ) Certain conditions of Anisometropia
    4. ) Keratoconus
When the Member Doctor receives prior approval for such cases, they are fully covered by VSP, and are IN LIEU OF ELIGIBLE BENEFITS FOR THAT ELIGIBILITY PERIOD. When you choose contact lenses from a Member Doctor for reasons other than those mentioned above, VSP will apply an allowance toward the cost. Please refer to the enclosed insert for more information regarding this benefit.
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