Press Release:
Colorado Masters Track Club!
New Initiative to Create Definitive Masters Level Track & Field Group In Colorado

At the 2005 RMMG, high-flying 93-year old Don Pellman (above) set a world record
in the Long Jump - just one of 7 World Records and 1 American Record he set!

100 in 17.83 WR
High jump: 1.15 (3-9 1/4) WR
Pole vault 1.83 (6-0) WR
Long jump 3.26 (10-8 1/4) WR
Triple jump 6.44 (21-1 1/2) AR
Shot put 9.33 (30-7 1/2) WR
Discus 22.06 (72-4) WR
Javelin 22.71 (74-6 1/4) WR

DENVER - JANUARY 2006 - Masters track in metro Denver has evolved. Why? Confining masters track to events in metro Denver doesn't allow for the greater diversity of competition and the growth of masters level track in Colorado, said Trip Reynolds, president of metro Denver's legacy track organization, the Denver Track Club (DTC).

According to Reynolds the DTC will continue to exist as an administrative parent and organizational resource to the CMTC, but primarily in the background. "Expect to see great things throughout Colorado from now on," said Reynolds, "because there's considerable excitement to promote events all around Colorado which is consistent with past practices of the DTC to promote any master track and field event in Colorado!"

More information about the group's mission and objectives can be found on their new web site at, The club's next major event is the 26th Annual Rocky Mountain Master Games held annually on Labor Day weekend, Saturday September 2, 2006 and Sunday, September 3, 2006 in Fort Collins on the CSU campus. Competitors from 30 to 90+ years of age - from all across the country come to Colorado for this event.

"People seem to forget about track and field during non-Olympic years, but we've got some of the best races, the best competitors you'll find anywhere. Real women and men in their 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and older who enjoy running, some as fast or faster than a lot of high school and college kids - and their times prove what I'm saying," said Reynolds.

Perhaps the most important thing about master's level track and field is that people participate simply for the joy and fun of it all because, ultimately, we're curious about achieving our potential, our desire to do our best. It's so common for masters athletes to support each other and take great value in mutual achievements. It's great! Come on out, have fun, and grab some gusto!"

The Colorado Masters Track Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing participants a positive environment to run, compete, and have fun while achieving their athletic potential in masters level track and field. For more information, see DTC's home page at - on the World Wide Web.

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Trip Reynolds, Denver Track Club,