First, let's thank some unsung heroes who have been there in the past for masters level track and field and continue to lead by way of example. Master track and field would not exist if not for the hard work of the following individuals: Jerry Donley, Sue Norton, Jim Weed, Jim Bogus, Dennis Cavanaugh, Steve Kaeuper, Ken Libby, and so many, many more!

Second, putting on a track meet truly requires a team effort. Track meets run best when they are adequately staffed with officials, time keepers, registras and, of course, people to handle the more laborious work such as placing and removing hurdles and blocks to and from the track, and handling clean-up and housekeeping duties.

Whether you are participating as a competitor or in the
gallery attending, we encourage you to help out between events and, therefore, make our meets move faster and more efficiently.

We encourage you to
contact us to volunteer your time, effort and expertise. Thank you - very much - for considering our request!