Establish a CMTC communications network. Use existing contacts and develop new contacts to aggressively promote the CMTC and its web site as the headquarters for masters track and field for metro Denver and the Rocky Mountain Region.

1. Update the existing mailing list from prior participants of the RMMG and other events.

2. Establish a media relations campaign, to include Public Service Announcements (PSA), press kits, and news releases for print and broadcast (including internet) audiences.

3. Establish a corporate relations campaign to attract corporate interest, sponsorship, and donations.

4. Establish an education relations campaign to attract interest and support (staffing, facilities, equipment) from K-12 and higher education.

5. Establish a government relations campaign to attract interest and support from municipal, state and the federal government.

6. Establish a vendor relations campaign with track and field sports equipment manufacturers to attract interest and support (complimentary and discounted equipment, etc.).

7. Use existing contacts and develop new contacts with comparable local, regional and national track clubs/organizations throughout the United States to achieve a mutual benefit.

8. Encourage or sponsor a "CMTC TEAM," a core group of active members, perhaps four to six persons (to include sprinters, distance runners and field participants), to represent CMTC at regional and national masters level track meets. The CMTC TEAM will positively represent CMTC and encourage athletes in other cities to come to Denver and compete in CMTC events, including the RMMG.

Establish a permanent track for the Colorado Masters Track Club

a. Acquire from a Denver area school district, through lease or purchase, a 400 meter or 440 yard track that is not currently being used.

b. Using the CMTC's fortuitous tax status as a carrot, encourage corporations, governmental entities, professional sports teams and others to donate funds or property toward CMTC's purchase or lease of an area track.

c. Upon acquisition of a track, to include ongoing maintenance, encourage scheduled use of the track by local community groups, K-12 schools and others. To cover maintenance expenses, include a fee schedule for designated usage, groups, events, etc.