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Your eligible dependents are your spouse and your unmarried dependent children from birth to December 31st of the calendar year in which the child attains age twenty-four (24) provided the child is dependent upon you for support and maintenance. Dependent children who are unable to gain employment because of permanent physical impairment or mental defect shall qualify as a dependent beyond the limiting age, provided that, upon request from the Board, the employee furnishes proof that such incapacity and dependency have been continuous since the child's attainment of the limiting age. The Board may also require the employee to furnish proof, but not more frequently than annually, that any such dependent remains so incapacitated and dependent. The term "child" includes any child of the employee including a stepchild, adopted child, foster child, or any child of a dependent supported solely by the employee and permanently residing in the employee's household.

Dependents must be residents of the United States or Canada. No one may be covered as a dependent and also as an employee, and if both parents are covered as employees, children may be covered as dependents of one employee only. Dependents in military service are not eligible.

How You Enroll

When you first become eligible, you may select dental benefits provided by Delta Dental Plan of Colorado or the alternate plan. The School District presently pays the premium for employee coverage and the employee is required to pay any premium to cover eligible enrolled dependents. The required dependent coverage contribution is described on the Dental premium rate sheet distributed to new employees. You must complete the enrollment card and return it promptly to the Employee Benefits Department.

Enrollment Of Dependents

Newly acquired dependents must be enrolled within thirty-one (31) days of acquisition.  Newborn children may be enrolled at anytime up to the first open enrollment following the child's attainment of age three (3).

Dependents not enrolled in the Plan may be added after the effective date only if the dependent suffers an involuntary loss of coverage through another source.  The effective date of coverage will be retroactive to the first day of the month subsequent to the date similar coverage was lost.

If you enroll one of your eligible dependents you must enroll all of your eligible dependents.  In addition, they must remain enrolled in the Plan until they are no longer eligible dependents.

Effective Date Of Coverage

If the employee enrolls before his/her eligibility date, coverage is effective on that eligibility date.  If the employee enrolls within thirty-one (31) days following his/her eligibility date, coverage is effective on the first day of the month following the date he/she enrolls. A teacher whose contract is effective September 1 shall be eligible to enroll on September 1.

Transfer Period

You may change coverage from Delta Dental Plan of Colorado to the alternate plan or vice-versa during the transfer period held each year. Coverage under the plan selected during the transfer period will become effective July 1.

Delta Dental Plan of Colorado or the alternate plan does not permit change in classifications during the above period. If you selected employee only or employee with dependent(s) coverage on your initial eligibility date, this is the class for which you are covered under the plan selected during the transfer period. No dependents may be added or discontinued.

Termination Of Coverage

Unless continued coverage is elected by the employee or any eligible dependent, your dental care coverage will cease on the earliest of the following dates:

  1. on the last day of the month in which employment terminated for any reason, including retirement. If your employment terminates or you retire on the first day of the month, coverage will terminate on the last day of the previous month.
  2. on the date you enter military service.
  3. on the date of your death.
  4. on the effective date of a leave of absence without pay, except under special conditions. (Please contact the Employee Benefits Department for an explanation.)

Dependent coverage will cease on the following dates, whichever occurs first:

  1. on the date of termination of your coverage.
  2. on the last day of the calendar year during which the dependent child attains age twenty-four (24).
  3. on the last day of the month the dependent child marries.
  4. on the last day of the month the dependent child enters full-time employment.
  5. on the date the dependent enters military service.
  6. on the date of expiration of the period for which the last payroll deduction was made for dependent coverage.

In the event of the employee's death after the first day of the month, dependent coverage will continue until the end of the month in which death occurs.

Extended Coverage

If a covered person visits a dentist at a time when he/she is eligible for benefits, all services which appear on the treatment form filed with Delta as a result of such visit, will be paid by Delta to the extent authorized subject to the following provisions:

In the event of loss of eligibility, payment will be made for all treatment authorized prior to the date eligibility is lost for services rendered in connection with such authorization for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days immediately following authorization by Delta. The extended coverage provision does not apply to Orthodontic Services. Certain procedures which will require more than sixty (60) days to complete may be extended up to (12) twelve consecutive calendar months immediately following authorization by Delta at the discretion of the Dental Director of Delta Dental Plan of Colorado.

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