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Dental Plan For Employees And Dependents

How To Use The Dental Care Plan

The patient may be treated by any licensed dentist. In the event the patient does not have a personal dentist, he/she may refer to the listing of Delta Dental Plan Participating Dentists. This listing is updated periodically by Delta.

During the first appointment the patient should inform the dentist that he/she is covered by the Denver Public Schools Delta Group No. 1015 and give the dentist the group name, group number, and the social security number of the employee covered. It is important that the dentist be told that Delta is providing the coverage, as most dentists will be familiar with the Delta dental care program and will have the necessary treatment forms in their office. The dentist should be asked to contact Delta if he/she does not have the treatment forms or desires additional information regarding the plan.

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Benefit Percentages

CO-PAYMENT - Diagnostic and Preventive Delta will pay 100% of a Participating Dentist's usual, customary and reasonable fee.

CO-PAYMENT - Restorative Delta will pay 80% of a Participating Dentist's usual, customary and reasonable fee.

CO-PAYMENT - Major Services Delta will pay 50% of a Participating Dentist's usual, customary and reasonable fee for Oral Surgery, Endodontics, Periodontics, Cast Restorations and Prosthodontics. Benefits payable under this part of the Plan are subject to a $50 lifetime deductible, per eligible individual.

CO-PAYMENT - Orthodontic Services Delta will pay 50% of a Participating Dentist's usual, customary and reasonable fee.

Maximum Benefit

The benefits payable under the Plan will not exceed $1,000 per eligible individual during any one calendar year.
The benefits payable for Orthodontic Services are $1,000 per eligible individual during a lifetime.

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