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In order to receive services from other than a Medical Group Physician or Kaiser Permanente Facility, you must have a referral. A referral is a written authorization by a Medical Group Physician for you to receive a covered service from a designated referral provider. A referral provider is a non-Kaiser Permanente provider such as a physician, hospital or medical office to whom you are referred in writing by a Medical Group Physician.

A referral is made ONLY when we are not able to provide a covered service by one of our Medical Group Physicians or at one of our Medical Offices or designated Hospitals. A written or verbal recommendation by a Medical Group Physician that you obtain for NON-COVERED SERVICES (whether medically necessary or not) is NOT considered a referral, and is NOT COVERED.

A referral is limited to a specific service, treatment, series of treatments and period of time. All referral services must be requested and approved in advance according to Medical Group procedures. We will not pay for any care rendered or recommended by a referral provider beyond the limits of th  + +m..  + +mLACKA~1GIF + +LANK GIF + +OY_IN~1GIF + +OY_WI~1GIF + + GIF + +LOSIN~1GIF + +ENTAL~1GIF + +AP_HE~1GIF + +ATHER~1GIF + +RAD_B~1GIF + +EALTH~1GIF + +NTROD~1GIF + +IFE_A~1GIF + +TD_HE~1GIF + +AIN_S~1GIF + +LD_MA~1GIF + +ETIRE~1GIF + +HELTE~1GIF + +ICK_L~1GIF + +ITE_C~1GIF + +PENDI~1GIF + +ISION~1GIF + +SP_HE~1GIF + +`aTELEPH~1GIFptex-our-mission.gifpy GIFflWd34TEXT-O~1GIFpWorkingBenefitsxp y / @u,9WORKIN~1 pindex-retirowtouse.html">How to Use | Definitions | How Your Plan Works | Who Is Eligible | When Coverage Starts | Benefits And Services | Referrals and Restrictions on Choice of Providers | Emergency Services | Urgent Care | Health Plan's Appeals Procedure | Special Claims Procedures for Medicare Members | General Provisions | Binding Arbitration | Coordination Of currentbenefits | Medicare | What Is Not Covered | When Coverage Stops | Continuation Of Coverage | Customer Satisfaction Procedure | Service Information | Statement Of Financial Condition | Important Phone Numbers | Local Designated Hospitals | Supplemental Benefits | Benefit Chart

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