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YOUR choice of one (1) Dental Offices and Code must be indicated on the Membership Application.

Dental Offices can ONLY be changed by approval of Colorado Prepaid Dental Program.

ALL requests for changes of Dental Offices MUST BE MADE IN WRITING by the 25th of the current month to be effective on the 1st day of the next immediate month.

NO Office Change request will be granted until ALL Outstanding Balances at the current Dental Office have been PAID IN FULL.

In accepting a dental Plan offered by the COLORADO PREPAID DENTAL PROGRAM eligible members are required to use the offices of the Participating Plan Dentists indicated in this brochure to obtain all dental treatment.

The COLORADO PREPAID DENTAL PROGRAM will not be responsible for any treatment, reimbursement of any costs or be liable for any claims, should an eligible member of the COLORADO PREPAID DENTAL PROGRAM receive any form of dental treatment at a facility other than those designated under this Plan.

In the event employment is terminated or eligibility for benefits ceases, eligible members must complete any procedures in progress within 30 days from the time of termination of employment or cessation of benefits.

No new procedures or treatments will be initiated once eligibility for benefits expires.

There are NO out-of-area benefits included in the dental Plan.

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