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Welcome to the Colorado Prepaid Dental Program (CPDP)!

CPDP is a managed health care program. Managed health care is quite different from traditional insurance. All of your benefits are clearly indicated in this brochure. On the Schedule Of Patient Charges we have indicated the exact cost of any and all included dental services, which will remain unchanged during the term of the contract. You will note that procedures such as Examinations, X-Rays, Cleanings and Basic Fillings are provided at NO CHARGE. For your information we have described below the approximate percentage covered by CPDP.


Diagnostic Dentistry 100%
Preventive Dentistry 100%
Basic Restorative Dentistry 100%
Crowns-Single Restorations 60%
Endodontics 75%
Basic Periodontics 75%
Periodontal Surgery 50%
Oral Surgery 75%
Dentures 60%
Bridges 60%

Besides the direct monetary benefits, we have eliminated many of the barriers commonly associated with your receiving dental care. NO dental treatment requires predetermination by CPDP. Because your actual out-of-pocket costs, if any, are listed on the Schedule Of Patient Charges, we have eliminated the need for tedious and expensive claim processing. Please note that there are NO DEDUCEIBLES and NO ANNUAL or LIFETIME MAXIMUM BENEFIT ALLOWANCES (except for Orthodontics).

Enclosed in the brochure is a current listing of Participating Plan Dentists. These are the ONLY dentists that provide the benefits of this particular plan. All of the dentists listed are experienced in dealing with managed care programs and you can be assured of having access to the latest dental techniques utilizing the most up-to-date equipment. It is absolutely necessary for you to choose one (1 ) of the dental offices listed in the brochure to receive your dental treatment. PLEASE INDICATE YOUR CHOICE OF DENTAL OFFICES ON THE ENROLLMENT APPLICATION.

Under the managed care system our dental offices treat many patients. Because of the volume of patients it may be difficult to arrange an appointment at a specific time and day in a timely manner. If you have some flexibility in your own schedule, you should receive an appointment for treatment much quicker. Keep in mind that dental emergencies are generally treated within 24 hours. After your initial dental diagnosis, future treatment will be scheduled according to the severity of dental needs. Dental procedures that are considered urgent will be appointed and treated first, followed by care that is considered necessary. CPDP makes a concerted effort to assure that the quality of care is the same for all patients at each dental office, regardless of the particular plan of treatment that is being followed.

If you have any questions about COLORADO PREPAID DENTAL PROGRAM, please call our offices at:


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