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  • Treatment of port wine stains to the face and neck is covered for members through age 18. (See page 13).
  • Diagnosis and treatment in a Kaiser Permanente program for eating disorders are now covered services. Previously, these services were excluded under Mental Health. (See page 16).
  • Cardiac rehabilitation services are now covered. Previously, these services were excluded under Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation. (See page 16).
  • The waiting period for all covered transplants has been eliminated. (See page 15).


  • Covered benefits do not include services not covered under the terms of your Service Agreement even if the services are provided, prescribed or directed by a Physician. (See page 4).
  • The supplemental charge for diagnostic outpatient X-ray and laboratory services has been eliminated. The applicable charge will apply to therapeutic X- ray services. (See Benefit Chart).
  • All eye surgery which includes radial keratotomy that is solely for the purpose of correcting refractive defects is excluded. (See page 14).
  • Members may seek a second opinion from another Physician for medical treatment or procedures. (See page 19).
  • Language has been revised to state that if a member fails to purchase the required no fault coverage on an automobile, the member is responsible for payment of up to a combined total of the first $100,000 of medical and rehabilitation costs. Rehabilitation costs alone cannot exceed $50,000. (See page 10).
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