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Human Resources Director (928) 755-4553

Human Resources Specialist (928) 755-4557

Clerical Staff (928) 755-4552

Human Resources is located east of the gym and south of the Presbyterian Church. Our fax number is (928) 755-4560. We are opened from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

To obtain current information, apply for a position, and/or get an application form, please contact the Human Resources Department at the phone numbers above. Please note that no applications will be considered after the closing date listed in the above document. The job vacancy list provided here is primarily intended to help Sage Memorial Hospital recruitment efforts and the Human Resources Department reserves the right to change listings without notice according to the Hospital needs.

VOLUNTEER SERVICES - Volunteer Services are welcome here at Sage Memorial Hospital. Duties range from front desk, telephone management, errands, runners, minute taking, to office management. Services are at the discretion of Department Supervisors. Please call (928) 755-4557


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