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Vision Insurance

Vision coverage is available through Vision Service Plan (VSP). This plan allows you to receive a higher level of reimbursement if you select a VSP provider. VSP will, however, reimburse you for services received from any licensed optometrist, ophthalmologist or optician. If you receive services form an out-of-network provider, VSP will reimburse you up to the amount allowed under your plan's out-of-network provider reimbursement rate.

If you receive services from a VSP provider, you may receive one eye exam at no cost every 12 months ($10 per dependent per visit). Also, once each year, the plan covers 100% of the cost of basic lenses and provides an allowance for frames. If you choose contact lenses instead of glasses, the plan pays an $85 allowance for an exam and materials. You are responsible for all costs in excess of this allowance. Employees pay the cost of dependent coverage.