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Dental Insurance

Employees may choose dental coverage for themselves and their eligible dependents through Delta Dental Premier or Delta Dental EPO.

Delta Dental Premier
With Delta Dental Premier, you may use any dentist you wish. If you use a dentist other than a Delta Dental Premier dentist, you pay the difference between the actual cost of the service and the cost approved by Delta Dental for a covered benefit. Delta provides two free cleanings per year, restorative care (basic fillings) covered at 80%, and major care covered at 50%. There is a $1,200 calendar year maximum benefit person. A $50 calendar year deductible (per person) is required for basic and major services.

Delta Dental EPO
The Delta Dental EPO provides coverage for services performed only by network care providers. There is no coverage for any service performed outside the network. Preventive and basic care expenses are covered at 100% for most services. All other services are paid based on a fee schedule. There are no deductibles or maximum benefit allowances.